Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mingoy's Ristorante - December 2008

Late post. We had our Christmas dinner at Mingoy's in the Fort, Makati. We were initially planning of eating at Chelsea in Serendra, but thanks to the difficulty in parking, we decided to just head to Fort Strip, and alas! We ended up in Mingoy's.

To those who already ate there, I'm sure they will agree that Mingoy's is also a preferred choice, given its wide variety of Spanish cuisine. And it surely made our Christmas dinner a sumptuous, delightful one.

Mingoy's is a quaint, little place beside Jill's along Fort Strip. The interiors will give you an "at-home" feel, with a little touch of Spaniard design. The atmosphere provides a touch of elegance, which also gives an initial impression of an upcoming good treat.

For our starter, we ordered the rockafeller oysters.

For our main course, of course we had try to their famous Paella. And I can say that it was one of the best Paellas I've eaten.

We partnered our gourmet rice with a Fillet Mignon (medium well). Simply terrific.

We did not regret not having our Christmas dinner as planned because Mingoy's surely gave us a delightful treat. :)


Mingoy's Ristorante
The Fort Strip
Taguig City

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