Friday, February 27, 2009

Coppelia, Ballet Philippines

Another late post.

Thanks to the free tickets, Bubbles and I were able to watch Coppelia, a presentation by Ballet Philippines, with the participation of the Manila Symphony Orchestra. I was surprised to find myself fascinated by the graceful steps of the dancers, added with the musical harmony brought by the orchestra. I just discovered I had in me the sense of appreciation to such art as ballet, when I was all-eyes and ears the entire morning, given that it was a lazy Sunday morning! I have traded this event from my usual late-morning get-up and bumming around at home and found myself enjoying from the show! :)
Thanks to my lady for pushing me to join her in this show. It was a great experience. If there will be another chance for me to watch the Ballet Philippines, I would gladly watch it!
Cheers to Ballet Philippines and the Manila Symphony Orchestra for a great Coppelia last December 2008!

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