Monday, March 30, 2009

People of the Philippines vs. Boyet Fajardo

Who is Boyet Fajardo in the first place?

According to newspapers, Boyet Fajardo is a renowned fashion designer, famous for having made gowns and dresses to talents like Maricel Soriano. But who is he, really?

The bottomline: Even if you're someone as "famous" as Boyet Fajardo (or so he says), or you're just simply Juan de la Cruz, even if you're dead hungry, without sleep, or have just arrived from a very long flight, you have ABSOLUTELY no right to insult your fellow Filipino.

There are no excuses for Boyet Fajardo's behavior towards Duty Free employee Marvin Fernandez. It is unbecoming of a Filipino, unbecoming of a human being. What separates us from animals is that we have the conscience, ethics and manners to treat others with utmost respect. Without it, we're just as good as the boars, the bears and the snakes.

Wait, who's Boyet Fajardo again? Probably that was the same question asked by the Duty Free employees when Boyet Fajardo ask the question "di mo ba ako kilala?"

Be it here or anywhere else in the world, never ever treat your countryman unfairly. Let the divine, legal and social laws bring forth proper justice Marvin and any other innocent, plain, clean-living Filipinos who are being oppressed, disempowered and exploited by people like Boyet Fajardo. Let it also be a lesson to all other primadonnas out there.

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