Monday, March 30, 2009

Bubbles' 27th at Kai

Another Late Post. We spent Bubbles' 27th birthday at Kai, Greenbelt 5.

Being avid fans of Japanese food, we decided to try out something more authentic than the usual suspects in Japanese food. For its ambience and location, Kai elicits the elegant atmosphere. What's good is that despite the traditional and elegant feel, it does not cost a fortune to savor its sumptuous Japanese dishes.


For our starter, the birthday girl ordered her favorite Salmon sashimi.

My lady ordered the Soft-shell crab tempura. At first I thought how can do your turn a hard-shelled crab into a tempura? Will you take off the skin? Will you eat the meat? It turned out you're going to eat the whole thing! From the name itself, the crab had an ultra soft, crunchy shell, you wouldn't even notice that you're already eating its claws! I'm 27 and things like these still amaze me! ugh!

We tried the Wagyu Beef cooked in stone. It was a fun and delicious experience having to cook your own roast beef using a heated stone.
At first, it was all her while I sat there taking pictures, amazed at how a stone so small could roast Wagyu beef into a succulent, delicious treat!

I needed to give the cooking a try so I switched places with my lady as she took the pictures while I did the cooking.

Thank God for self-timer
I'm definitely coming back to try out the other dishes. To my lady, thanks so much for the brithday treat! Zhu ni shengri kuai le! (Wait, that's Chinese!)
Kai Japanese Restaurant
Greenbelt 5
Makati City

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