Friday, May 22, 2009

Alec Baldwin Racial Slur

I don't see the reason why we overacted in Alec Baldwin's statement on Filipina Mail Order Brides. First, I personally think that he had no intention of hitting on Filipinos in general. He was just joking about the often neglected side of the Filipino social picture, that is the human trafficking among Filipino women.

I personally found it not too offensive, definitely not like the previous "jokes" on Filipinos, like that of the Desperate Housewives episode, or that of Chip Tsao's. In these two previous incidents, they hit on respected Filipino workers, doctors, domestic helpers, servants. To me, these are much more offensive.

I consider the joke by Alec Baldwin as a wake up call to our citizenry, and most especially, our government, that transactions like mail order brides are stilll rampant today for it to merit Mr. Baldwin's attention. If you search the words "bride" or "pinay" over various search engines, you will be surprised to see hundreds, if not thousands of posts on Filipino Mail Order Brides. Even in social networking sites such as Multiply or Friendster, there will definitely be a side advertisement on such by-order brides. With this, I think Mr. Baldwin is simply stating a fact, and thus, does not merit any special attention or ire.

Let's check it out to see if it is really offending:

I've watched it over and over again and I can't seem to find the offending part in his interview.

Perhaps it is much more offending to see politicians prioritize investigations and privilege speeches and waste tons of taxpayers' money for some sex scandal!

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