Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hayden Kho Scandal

Cheers to the Philippines' version of Edison Chen!

Thanks to this controversy, Filipinos have already forgotten other more important matters like the A(H1N1) outbreak. Jun Lozada's plight has been sidelined. Several dozens of Senate bills delayed review due to the scandal-related privilege speeches and planned investigations. Samuel Ong died silently. The crazy regulation on book tariffs was disregarded in the headlines (well at least Malacanang already did something about it). Alec Baldwin was easily pardoned.

Will new laws on pornography or cyber crimes be created with this controversy? This has long been demanded even before the iloveyou virus was created. And now, another scandal broke out, and no governing law can apprehend the culprits but the far-fetched Anti-abuse on women and children law, which is a very very weak accusation when it comes to this issue. How can you bring the victims to justice if there is not even a clearcut law that would pin them down?

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