Monday, July 06, 2009

Automated Polls in the Philippines?

How about a wager on this one? Sa pula, sa puti. Sa pula, Magkakaroon ng Automated Elections. Sa Puti, hindi. Any takers? Magkano kayo?

Nobody takes this crap seriously so why take this seriously? Let's just gamble on it. At least sa sugal may ilang taong sasaya. Eh dito? Lahat ng Pinoy, malungkot ulit. Nakakatamad na kaya magsulat ng pangalan ng kandidatong iboboto mo lang dahil sa kawalan ng tinatawag na "viable options." Viable options? Okay, relatively viable options.

In President GMA's BEAT THE ODDS battle cry, "Automated Elections" is the letter A. I hope she could fulfill at least this easiest task.

This or Balance the Budget (Letter B)?! Can the Presidency still do that? They can't. They've tried by taxing even the educational books but even so, they won't fulfill this promise. That's why go with the most simple. With this at least you can say you were able to make a "difference."

We're running out of time... We got 10 months to go...

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