Friday, July 16, 2010

Cinemalaya 6: Rekrut - July 16,2010

I watched another feature film at the Cinemalaya yesterday. It was the gala of Danny Añonuevo's entry, Rekrut. The mive had an all-star cast, headed by veteran actor Emilio Garcia, alongside Joem Bascon, Alwyn Uytingco, Rob Sy, JM de Guzman, Dominic Roco, CJ Ramos, Alchris Galura, Maxene Magalona, Rich Asuncion, and seasoned actor Archie Adamos.

The movie was about a squad of 12 Christian and Muslim soldiers preparing for a very special mission. Things were going well until they were finally informed about the purpose of their training. These soldiers were faced with a dilemma on whether they should fulfill their duty for their country or follow their conscience.

This was based on true events. If you are an avid fan of history, or have taken the evening tour of Corregidor, the plot might be familiar to you. I'll not dwell on the details but if you really want to know where this story was taken, I suggest you google the key words Jabidah Massacre. Until now, the said massacre

You will see that in the movie, actor CJ Ramos was making graffitis of their names in the walls of their camp. I had the chance to see the real graffiti of the young recruits in the island of Corregidor.

The Abandoned hospital which turned into the base camp of Jabidah's "final training"
These were the writings of the "real" Rekruts, as mentioned by the Corregidor guides
A few more writings on the wall

Thank you, Mr. Danny Añunuevo, the brains behind Rekrut, for making not just another action indie, but a socially relevant one inspired by real people, real events. He has put a piece of history in an artistic, masterful, well-crafted 2-hour movie. With that, my congratulations. I sure had fun in this movie.

Here are some random pictures (in not particular order).It was Rekrut's Gala night so we had the chance to roam around after the movie and ask for souvenir photos with the cast. My officemates sure had fun on this part. :)

Maxene Magalona
Tanya and Hazel with Alwyn Uytingco
My Cinemalaya idol: Archie Adamos
The cast of REKRUT

Not the cast and crew

The ladies with some of the cast
They really needed to take this photo
Jen and Grape with Domic Roco
The Rekruts with the Rekruter. :)
I watched two Cinemalaya movies this year!

Cinemalaya is almost over. Congratulations to all the filmmakers! I heard all of the movies were very good!

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Wow, cool post! I love REKRUT a lot! I haven't posted my review & pics yet. :(