Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiyo Ramon's Adventure - July 26, 2010

I'm gonna miss you guys...

My uncle Ramon (Tito But to us nephews) is leaving for Canada on the 26th of July. They suddenly had their visas approved. I thought they were never leaving anymore because they filed this way back five years ago. Like my uncle said, it was probably divine intervention that they were suddenly approved. Even the brightest of men sometimes cannot understand how God does his wonders in our families. With this development, there will be tears of sadness that will be shed, but in the long run, it will always be for the better.

They are rather uncertain about their lives there, but I'm confident that God will guide them in the right direction, just like he made a way to approve their visa applications. Ara and Ging will stay behind for a few months to finish Ging's semester. They shall depart December 22 I think.

Too bad you won't be here on my wedding day...

My Sweet Ate Ara
Future Megastar Clarice
L-R: Tito But, Dad, Ninang Dora, Tita Egie, Tita Cecille. Seated: Lolo
The Pretty Twins
Fooling around during their despidida

Wait, I don't have a picture with Ging and Choi! Darn...

Good luck, Tito But, Tita Nory, cousins Ara, Riz, Ging, Joanna, Paola, Choi. :) We'll see you soon!

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