Monday, July 05, 2010

May Liwanag ang Alin?? Meralco Advertising

I just can't seem to find the most valid reason why Metro Manila's lone electricity distributor, Manila Electric Company, also known as Meralco, is spending much money on airtime for advertisements! What do they need to advertise?

As far as I remember, there can be two major reasons for a firm or individual to advertise: First is to sell. To cut above the rest of the main players of your industry. Being the lone electric distributor, what do you need the advertising for?

Another purpose for advertising is to inform. Indeed, we are informed that they use geothermal energy, natural gas, etc. etc. But we are also informed that electricity costs are rising, and another spot in prime time slots in television would mean additional costs. Additional costs do not mean sacrifice for Meralco or its blessed employees and consultants, but a heavier burden for its consumers, us Filipinos, in the form of increased electricity per kilowatt-hour. So what do we call this adjustment fee now, "infomercial adjustment fee?" I wouldn't be surprised if I see that in our next electricity bill. :)

I think the public would appreciate better if Meralco will simply call for press conference (which is FREE OF CHARGE) and announce a fee cut in the coming months. What do you think, my fellow countryman?

And now, it's about to enter in the most illustrious basketball league of the country: the PBA. So if the team doesn't make it good, I can rightfully petition the player or coach's termination because I will definitely pay for his multimillion salary!

Where's Manong Johnny?! Senator, hindi kami happy! :)

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