Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Office Fun: TODAS!!!

An effective way to bring back your smile during office weeks: Set up a weekly salu-salo with your officemate friends!

What started out as a dare now became a weekly happening in our building's third floor. It began with 5 people and now we're at 22! Talk about T.O.D.A.S. and you'll see nothing but smiles in the faces of these 22 people involved in this weekly addiction.

Tuesday's Outrageously Delightful Area Salu-Salo (TODAS) is our office's way of forgetting stress in the office. Every Tuesday lunch, a group of three to four people will bring their usual baons, but this time not just for themselves, but also for the other 18 individuals. With the name inspired by the original T.O.D.A.S. (Tuesday's Outrageously Delightful All-Star Show), this weekly salu-salo is also the haven for a myriad of jokes, stories, gossips and other mundane issues about life, love, politics, sports, and old bold stars!

Every employee deserves a break from their usual routine, especially during lunch. This weekly party just gives these 22 individuals another reason for regularly coming to office. :)

Don't say cheese, say TODAS!

Tired of your usual office lunch breaks? Why don't you try TODAS? :)


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