Thursday, August 26, 2010

Serbia vs. Greece Friendly Basketball Turns into a Fist Fight

In basketball, when players get all intense, sometimes it's very hard to stop them. And sometimes, players go too far.

In this "friendly" game between the Serbians and the Greeks held at Athens last August 19, what was supposed to be a no-bearing game turned into one of the most talked-about basketball games this year. Players from both sides hit a flurry of punches against each other. One player, Oklahoma City's Nenad Krstic, even did a John Cena and threw a chair towards an injured Greek, leaving the poor guy bloodied in the head.

You really can't easily stop a heightened level of testosterone. You just have to wait for it to subside so that all things will calm down.

The Philippines also had its share of basketbrawls. Who would forget the bitter rivalry of Crispa and Toyota that often end up in fist fights? I myself have witnessed, and even figured in a few basketball fights as well. And as always, in the end cooler heads will prevail, and the team that has more focus and less fury wins.

I never got to know who won this game and didn't care because after all, this game was just designed as a tune-up for the upcoming World Basketball Championships. It was quite funny to see high level of play happening in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Now they have to face sanctions by the FIBA.

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