Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Expendables (a useless review)

What do you do when you see John Mclaine, The Terminator and Rambo meeting in a church about an assasination job? You'd laugh your ass off right? That's what I just did when I watched the Expendables last Monday, during the National Heroes' Day break. It was an apt time to watch my childhood heroes in one movie during our day of Heroes. :)

My brother said "The title should have been "Rambo and Friends." Precisely! How can you possibly defeat Rambo, The Transporter, Wong Fei Hong, and the Universal Soldier if they team up and ask for help from Randy Couture and Terry Crews? Even the most wicked traditional villain in Eric Roberts can't stand a chance!

Indeed, it was a waste of time, story-wise. But I sure had a lot of fun watching all those things blowing up and all those people getting killed! I missed having to watch movies without much thought so I really enjoyed this movie! The last movie I watched was Inception and it sure did F*ck up my mind, just like what the reviews have written. But Expendables? You need not bring your brain in the cinema and you'll still get satisfied. :)

I hope we get to see a similar movie in the Philippines. What do you do when you see Ronnie Ricketts, Jeric Raval, Lito Lapid, Robin Padilla, Philip Salvador, Raymart Santiago, Ace Espinosa and Dante Varona in one movie? Just like in the Expendables, I'd laugh my ass off. :)

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