Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gary V.: Soul in Motion - September 16, 2010, Music Museum

I always admired how Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, still does it on the dance floor. After 25 years of being onstage, the energy is still strong and very much alive! I always wanted to watch him live so that I could witness how much energy he puts in on that stage. Last Thursday, September 16, I was finally given the opportunity to watch Gary V. live at the Music Museum. The concert is called Soul in Motion, a benefit concert for three beneficiaries, which includes UNICEF and Compassion for One. The concert will run for three consecutive Thursdays and Fridays starting September 16.

Thanks to my officemate who gave me VIP passes, I was able to watch Gary V in the front row of the Music Museum! I was at least three feet away from the bassist! Whew! :) The energy of Mr. Pure Energy is very much felt throughout the stage!

Thank God he sang most of my favorite songs of him: Oldies like Take me out of the Dark, Sana Maulit Muli, Shout for Joy, and Eto na Naman. New revivals like Tayong Dalawa were also sung as a medley to reminisce the songs that were used in both TV series and Blockbuster Movies.

Special guests were his prodigy, Duncan Ramos, and one of his closest friends in showbiz, Jericho Rosales.

I had a great time singing along with his repertoire. I personally loved his rendition of Al Jarreau's "Spain!" Galinggggggggg!

In the concert, Gary V. asked for some requests if ever we wanted to hear some of his old songs. I shouted and requested for my personal favorite, Each Passing Night! He then looked down to me and pointed at me and he said, "I hear a lot of requests around, but this young man wanted me to sing an oldie. Hear goes." And he did a few lines of Each Passing Night! Thanks, Man! :)

Cheers to Mr. Pure Energy! May you have many more years of soulful and lively concerts!

Some pictures.


Anonymous said...

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Frances said...

Hello. I was wondering if you have additional pictures from this concert. I am looking for a specific pic from when a fan jumped up and hugged and kissed gary during his medley of 80s songs. Please let me know if you do. My email is: