Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Days are Coming

Days have become busier lately. it's less than ten weeks to go before the big day! And this is on top of things coming up in work and personal. Thus, the lack of time to exhaust nerve cells in writing an entry. Thank God I was given the time, at 1:27am on Barangay Elections day, to write a few notes. For October, I was always on the go:

1. Office. I physically transferred office from one to another. Same department, though.
2. Cebu. I was able to go to the Queen City of the South for the Second Time! I, along with a few officemates held a Chinese Mooncake Festival forum sponsored by no less than Philam Life. :) Thank God I was able to see the Magellan's Cross in broad daylight!
3. Hong Kong. I experienced my first-ever Out of the county trip! It was a day to remember! 10/10/10 was the date! Ayos!
4. Batangas. I went to Batangas City for a OFW Family Day event sponsored by Philam Life. We can see the Power of We going the extra mile to reach several sectors of the society, to make them more aware of the power of insurance, and the sustained power of Philam Life.

Pictures and details to follow. :)

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