Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cebu: Take Two - 25 September 2010

I had another chance to visit Cebu and this time, I was able to visit Sto. Niño Church and Magellan's Cross in broad daylight.

As a fan of Philippine History, I personally made sure that I visit this place again. For me, this cross is the most significant and important cross in our nation's Christian history. Because of the cross, we were introduced to the teachings and preachings of Christ. We were enlightened, we were saved.

We were also put in bondage and enslaved, but later on freed and became independent. The colonizers ruled and left, but their most precious gift is still ever present in our daily lives, with this cross as the symbol.

There are lots more to see in Cebu, and I'm definitely coming back to see them.


AkoSiRenee said...

hi! can i use these pictures for our office promotion? please!! =)

Jurb said...

Sure no problem. Or is this too late? :) Credits please if you could provide to where you're using it. Just advertise my site haha Thanks!