Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Protocol (?!)

Looks like PNoy's men (women) are still not yet used to being in the limelight of politics/governance. Latest incident on Mai Mislang's miscues and utterly insensitive messages over social networking site Twitter gives the President another wake-up call on his constituents. How can a public figure, in this case, an Undersecretary, be posting unnecessary feedback on official trips and business? She violated various diplomatics and official protocols that even the simplest of career government officials know.

First and foremost, she should not have told even a single tinge of what transpired in the meeting, unless it was officially mentioned and she has the authority to do such. Second, she should NEVER, EVER give an unsolicited comment, especially about a country's culture or way of life. We should have learned from the insults that we got from Claire Danes, or even Chip Tsao in the past. Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you. This time, we hit the first blow. It's as if our streets are much safer, or our wines much tastier.

Malacanang officials should learn more about diplomacy and public image or else the President's men will be the ones who will destroy the image of a President who projects leadership by example. If leaders like Mai thrive in MalacaƱang, looks like there will continuously be a disconnect between our dreams of change and reality. Such an irony for a Presidency's communications group conveying a totally misled and careless message to a venue that is closely monitored by rumor-mongers and pundits.

You can see PNoy's sense of forgiveness and it is seen that he believes in second chances. Well, we only have a pair of feet and a Presidency who keeps on shooting itself on the foot might slowly become paraplegic and useless.

My suggestion: If you can't handle the pressure of being a public figure, please do not stay under the President's wings.

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