Friday, August 05, 2011

God works in mysterious ways...

No matter how cliché this may sound, God indeed works in mysterious ways. And I do know He is on my side and He trusts me so much. Fatherhood is one good sign that He does trust me that I can carry on my back the responsibility of becoming a parent. So does He trust my wife, to mother a child. And we are, in God’s guidance, about to embark on another journey called starting a family. As of this writing Bubbles is going on her 15th week. :)

Our unexpected gift came last May. I just started work (thank God that I was able to find work early in my stay in DC!) on May 2nd, and Bubbles was busy preparing for her big event, the annual Independence Day festivities. In the midst of the busy schedules, we would also attend receptions, and even watched a Weezer concert! We were oblivious of the fact that Bubbles is already on her way! On the 28th of May, we noticed that Bubbles’ monthly visitor hasn’t arrived yet and we were a bit “concerned” since the visitor comes regularly. Thus, we decided to take a little experiment called the “Home Pregnancy Test.” Never did we know that the little plastic stick could change our lives that day.

I went out for a few errands and Bubbles decided to stay home to finish some chores. I got back a few hours later. As usual, I knocked on the door, she opened, I entered, sorted the grocery on the table, and decided to go to the bathroom. I didn’t notice anything different except of course for having a pail, detergent, gloves and scrubs in the bathtub since Bubbles was supposed to be busy cleaning the toilet. Until I noticed a recognizable plastic stick we both a couple of days ago in a grocery nearby, and alas! I saw two pink lines crossing the two boxes! I then ran back to Bubbles and gave her a big hug as we cried and celebrated the beginning of life in her tummy.

But of course, we needed to confirm it via a visit to an Ob-gyn. That was another great adventure. We were referred by a friend some good doctors, however, their clinics were packed and they are not taking in new customers until later July. So we decided to look for other options. Bubbles then remember she had met a doctor from the Filipino community who was then practicing and knew a lot of good doctors. She called her and she referred a few. One of the names in her list responded and gave us two appointments: one, a nurse appointment to do the lab work, and another, for the doctor’s appointment which can only happen on her supposed 8th week.

And so we came for her first appointment, the nurse tests. She insisted on going there even without a doctor just to confirm her pregnancy from a person, and not just a piece of plastic stick. We went in the clinic, she filled up some papers, then waited. After a few minutes we were fetched by the clinic administrator, telling us that we had the wrong clinic since they do not honor Bubbles’ insurance card! So we went out embarrassed and looked for another doctor. We again called Bubbles’ doctor friend and asked a few more names hoping that we find one that is accredited to her health insurance. Voilah! We found one! She gave two names who are partners in a different clinic from the same hospital that we were in. We called the clinic, scheduled for an appointment, and finally, on June 20th, in the middle of her 8th week, we were able to confirm from a doctor that she is indeed pregnant! Words could not express our feelings as we walk out of the clinic. We are going to be parents! Wow!

The Sonogram day - 18 July 2011

As I said, God works in mysterious ways. My child is supposed to show sign of life on his/her 3rd month. And by a very fortunate stroke of luck, Ichi, Bubbles’ sister was to be in town on that week! And since Ichi is with us that week, Bubbles’ Auntie Chit and Uncle Noy decided to fly in on that weekend too! So my child had an audience of 5 as we listen to his/her heartbeat for the first time!

The doctor initially did a routine checkup on Bubbles as we waited on the reception area for us to be called for the sonogram. We were then called, and I was escorted by Ichi, and Auntie Chit. Uncle Noy waited in the reception area. We entered the clinic and the doctor was surprised to see a big audience for my baby. She then asked a few questions to Bubbles about her weight, and how she felt, and then she asked the doctor back with questions on what to eat and not to eat. I even cracked a joke asking the doctor on what the husband can and cannot eat, which gave her a short chuckle. After a few minutes of what seemed to be the most exciting 5 minutes of our family life, the doctor then brought out what seemd to be the baby’s microphone, and the stage was set for his/her performance. Doc stroke some gel and afterwards stuck the mic in my wife’s tummy. And in an instant, we heard it… My baby’s first signs of life… Rub, dub, rub, dub to the tune of 150beats per second. There he/she was. My baby with a heartbeat…. Tears welled Bubbles’ and Auntie Chit’s eyes, and as for me, I held back my tears but I was bursting with joy deep inside as we listened to my baby’s first one-minute performance. I am going to be a daddy! I am! Yahooo!

God works in mysterious ways. I always tell it to myself. I remember my boss mention to me that somewhere, somehow, there is a laid out plan for all of us. No matter how bizarre life gets, there is always a plan. As for me, I kept on praying that I may be able to provide for my family. I prayed everytime that I will be ready to be a father as soon as I get to be a provider. And there it was, a job, that struck me like lightning and I suddenly felt the jolt of being back to working after a 4-month "vacation." And after a few days, we found out Bubbles was pregnant. For some reason, Ichi, Auntie Chit, and Uncle Noy had a chance to be with us to share with us this joy in my baby's first sonogram. Truly amazing. Things happen and they happen for a reason. They are all part of God's grand plan for us. Truly Amazing.

I thank God for entrusting me with a child, now 15 weeks on the way. I will ensure and am very much confident that I will not let Him down. I will try my best to raise a happy, wealthy, God-loving family as we go on through this adventure called life.

The adventure continues! :)

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...Amen. something i really needed to hear/read these days. congrats again jurb! :)