Tuesday, August 02, 2011

On the road to Fatherhood

It’s official! I am going to be a daddy by January! I am lost for words as to how happy I felt the day the home pregnancy test gave a two-line result (yes, it says, my wife is pregnant!). I always pray that I will be a good example to my child and I pray that I am and will always be a role model for him/her. :)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your lovely wife! I love reading blogs of husbands/wives of diplomats (I'm currently engaged to an FSO). BTW, your wife was my batchmate in GS/HS. :)

Jurb said...

Thanks so much! And my I have the pleasure of meeting you? :)

cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

congrats, jerv and bubbles! tagal ko na walang balita sa iyo. anyway, enjoy the road to parenthood. God bless you and bubbles. kumusta mo ako sa kanya ha ^_^