Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween Happening

Bubbles and I experienced the Halloween festivities in Georgetown. It was fun to see all the people dressed in their best costumes of frightening, amusing, even funny characters, ghosts, ghouls, superheroes and even cartoon characters. The sidewalks of M Street (Georgetown side) were filled with people: bystanders, media, picture-takers, and cops. All were having fun watching the characters stroll the street, strut and frighten the kids, even adults. Here are a few pictures:

Man without a face
Their version of the white lady

Truly scary...

Me and my posse
I just noticed that there weren't too many frightening characters they portray, except for a few, most notable the guy who had the mask of Moammar Ghadafi! NOw that was freaky!

I miss the Filipino folklore characters who really give the little kids and even the old one the fear of their lives. Halloween parties in the Philippines the past few years depict these characters real good! :) 

Here is a list of my favorite characters that we won't see in a Georgetown Halloween party: 

1. Tiktik - I remember my yaya telling me the stories of pregnant women of their village remaining indoors especially when it is near dusk because these mythical characters hover around their village searching for fetuses to devour. To counter these baby-eaters, always keep garlic in your house. Apparently they're scared of sauteed food. 

2.Manananggal - Those halflings. Literally. those women who split their bodies in two, where they leave their torso on land as half of them fly and hover around barrios searching for kids and women as food. To fight these monsters, people should find their torsos in the woods and pour salt so that their other half won't be able to reconnect to the torso. Although, folks didn't specify which salt is most effective: rock, iodized, powder, or kosher... And another thing: why aren't there male manananggals? I never did ask about that from these story-tellers.

3. Kapre - These hairy, tall guys give you the scare of your lives especially when you have a tall tree in front of your house. I was just thinking who will win in a boxing match between the kapre and basketball legend Bonnel Balingit...

4. Tikbalang - Our version of the Centaur (only that ours have the face of a horse and the body of a man), stories of these half-man, half-horse creatures are our yayas' way of keeping us indoors in the evening. I was told that these tikbalangs invite children to be with them to their world. 

5. White Lady - be careful not to pass by these white women with long straight black hair. They are not Lux or Pantene commercial models. They are said to be lost spirits still hovering the streets seeking justice and peace. The most famous story of the White Lady is that of Balete Drive.

I would to see these Filipinos living here to wear such costumes of these mythical characters... I'm planning to wear the kapre costume but Police might grab me and arrest me for indicent exposure... 

Happy Halloween! 

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