Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Five Realizations on the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight

When Michael Buffer announced the third judge’s decision along with the words “And new WBO champion,” I suddenly fell on my seat, kept quiet for a few seconds. After composing myself, I started tweeting all the violent words of discontent and disgust. I strongly felt we were cheated. Having watched all the Pacquiao gamers since Ledwaba, I think that this one should have been decided on his favor. I felt he got lucky on the two Marquez fights, but this one, I was convinced he won.

I wanted to write about this blog instantly, but I felt that I will only be bashing on the judges when I write. Now that I am more composed, I can look back and take on this topic with more grace, just like how Manny treated this loss.

After watching this fight, and being furious with the outcome, there also arose some realizations about Manny Pacquiao and this circus world of boxing. Here are five: 
1. Boxing is a subjective sport – Just like what analysts say, you are only secured of a victory when you KO your opponent. When you finish all 12 rounds, decision will depend on three people. Even if all the other unofficial tally boards show you a convincing lead for one boxer, it could go another way for those three judges. And that’s what CJ Ross and Duane Ford saw that night. I demand LASIK surgery for these two judges. Whoops sorry, bias shows again…
2. Boxing is gambling – For the Nth time, Manny Pacquiao is an obvious winner. Odds are in favor of the Pac Man. Less people bet because of very low returns. There is a need to lower the odds so more people will bet. So what to do? Simple: give the obvious winner a surprising loss so the next fight will be a closer, more exciting betting game.
3.       The series needs to thrive – This contract’s “Rematch clause” needs marketing. If Manny Pacquiao knocks this guy down, or wins by unanimous decision, which we all think he did, the number of people who will be watching or betting on the rematch will potentially be cut in half. Thanks to the blind judging on June 9th, the rematch just got more exciting. Now people will want to watch Manny knock Bradley down, which he could have done in at least 3 rounds the previous fight.
4.       Boxing is a revolving door – Fights other than Pacquiao or Mayweather are not marketable. Mayweather is afraid to fight the big fights, while Manny’s speed seems to be waning and the usual wear and tear is dawning on him. Boxing needs new, marketable fighters. They see it in Tim Bradley, with 28 wins and no losses. A defeat from Manny will erase all the previous wins, and he will be branded as unworthy to be called one of the best. Boxing needs new guys, so they need to make Bradley look good, even to the expense of an obvious winner.
5.       Wake up call – The defeat is obviously a awfully judged, but it should also serve as a wakeup call to both Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people. Manny is ageing. He has a lot of things in his plate: Congress, Bible preacher, Celebrity, Philanthropist. Focus on boxing is thinning. He badly needs a successor. Manny, please, please, please pass on the torch. Train new boxers. Promote fights. Be the next De La Hoya. The Filipino people will thank you for giving them a new hero.

The next Pacquiao-Bradley fight will be on November. Pacquiao is ready, while Bradley needs to recuperate from injuries. Pacquiao promises a more exciting fight, nothing less than a knockout. Mommy Dionesia promises a KO by Manny, if not by her. Odds will level and more people will come. The only true winners are the businessmen who thrive on this multi-million dollar sport.

Mabuhay ka Manny! 

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