Monday, November 08, 2004

Team ABL...

Ateneo Basketball League season 5 is fast approaching and every Atenean Basketball aficionado is very much excited for this event. On November 9, all teams must have placed their respective payments and uniform orders. On the 13th, there will be a general assembly at the Moro Sports Center.

This year, I’m afraid there will be no Team 4F98. Though many have expressed their interests to join, mere expressions may not be able to finance the team to its registration. Having only 5 players actively seeing each other and other players seemingly uninterested in paying, we won’t be able to accumulate 17,000 bucks until late Tuesday. Too bad.

Team 4F98 was supposed to be composed of myself, original team 4F98 players Mitch Martinez, Jayvee Reyes, Mikko Javier, Jude Santos, and new players (also our classmates) Bong Perez and his brother Emil (batch 2000), JC Aliling, Bhonny Cunamay, Paul Itchon, Mitch Arniego, and Dingdong Dantes. We should have met last Saturday, however, no definite plan was set, and thus, no meeting was held.

Making Team 4F98 was quite frustrating. In high school, our class was famous for having stand-out basketball players, though we haven’t really produced an Enrico Villanueva due to our height deficiencies. However, we can say that when it comes to class performance, our class is one of the best. More than half of the class plays basketball at that time. We even had a group called the “4:30 boys.” These boys go straight to the covered courts after the 2:30 p.m. dismissal and play basketball until 4:30. I was a sort of a member of this clique and I could recall that I have wrecked a few pairs of leather shoes because of this habit. And I remember that we even had the privilege to bully present hotshot players like Larry Fonacier, who was two batches lower.

Though I may not be an excellent baller, I am a real basketball enthusiast. My week is never complete if I hadn’t entered the hard court even just to practice shooting some hoops. I find basketball as a stress-reliever, a venue to get away from the pressures of work and daily life. It is like I’m in a time zone where the only thing that can stop me is fatigue and hunger. I can say that my "other great love" is, indeed, basketball...

And that is the reason why I was quite disappointed when Team 4F98 was not formed. We were among the best classes when it came to basketball and we were unable to form a team. I was envious to 4H98 for they were able to build a team, though not that formidable.

Good thing my batchmate E.G. of 4H98 was looking for players to augment their team. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a player for his team, Team Ledesma. Luckily also, I am obliged to pay only P1000 for the registration, on an installment basis. It was sort of a blessing in disguise for me; at least I will still be able to play in the league. However, I will no longer be playing with my former classmates, except for my fellow basketball aficionado-classmates, Mitch Martinez and Jayvee Reyes.

I hope next year we will be able to rebuild 4F98. Playing is a lot more fun if you are comfortable with the persons you play with. For now, I will have to try and introduce my style to my new team. I hope I could blend in…

Trivia Trivia time…

Did you know: The famous pop-rock band Rivermaya was created by a non-musician, Director Chito Roño, who also manages the dance group Streetboys.

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