Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Scratching the Itch...

Yesterday, I rode an FX in Taft Avenue, going to SM North EDSA. As we were approaching Frisco (this is not really the route of the FX going to SM North EDSA… The drive just went on a detour), one old lady sitting on the front passenger seat requested that he get down in West Avenue, a few kilometers away from our detour route. Because of this, the driver scratched his head in exasperation and just drove all the way back to our usual route just to please this lone passenger.

What is the point of my story? It just made me think about the driver’s reaction on that situation: what the heck is the reason behind people’s scratching of their heads whenever they get into stupid situations or irritable circumstances?

I have come up with some hypotheses based on my pondering on my way home. This has no scientific explanation and I just wanted to enhance my creative thinking…

These are the ten possible reasons why people scratch their heads during irritable situations:

10. The scalp releases stimuli to the hair fleas that make them jump, thus, makes it itchy for the host.
9. The person’s hand is too eager to punch the person he is irritated to, but then realizes it is pointless, thus he just uses hand to scratch head.
8. Some hormones in our scalp produces itchy fungus in the head in an instant whenever we get involved in stupid situations
7. It is an ancient Malayan way of signaling “I did something stupid.”
6. It is a way of checking if the brain is functioning normally (just like when we rub engines when they malfunction)
5. You want to scratch your brain but can’t, thus, you opted to scratch your head instead.
4. You can’t scratch the itchier parts of your body, thus, redirect scratching to head.
3. It is an ancient tradition that everytime a person gets involved in a stupid situation, he must imitate a monkey, thus, the scratching-head maneuver.
2. We simply inherited this mannerism from our Monkey ancestors, per Charles Darwin’s theory.
1. Simply just to make you look stupid after a stupid situation.

Dear reader, if you have any other more realistic or scientific reason, please do not hesitate to post a comment.

Obviously, I have nothing interesting to write about…

Trivia trivia time:

Did you know: Virgilio “Baby” Dalupan is still the winningest coach in PBA history, followed by Tim Cone and Norman Black.

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