Thursday, August 25, 2005

Paul's Candon Treat

Finally, I had the photos of our Candon and Vigan getaway developed... After more than year!!! This was probably the most successful barkada gimik we've had since high school. Our trip to Candon City was around May 2004. Could'nt remember the exact date.

We departed Manila around 1:30am Saturday. We made a stopover at my Lady's home town in Agoo, La Union, where her Mom served the best-tasting coffee and the most delicious pan de sal with mantekilya (my friends couldn't agree more). We arrived Candon City at around 7:30, I think (couldn't really remember). Our rides were courtesy of Mike, Bhonny, and Master Paul. We went back to Manila at around 4:00 pm Sunday. Even though we had very limited hours, I can say that every minute of that vacation was worth it. Sulit na Sulit...

May I take this opportunity to thank a few people. To Master Paul, our host and manager for this event, a million thanks for making this happen. To his Uncle, the Vice Mayor of Candon City, thank you very much for the warm welcome and the great food... I just love the bagnit... And the hypertension thereafter... hehehe...

Boomie, Joy, Bubbles, Me
Predeparture, My Place...

Steph, Joy, Eli, Boomie and Kit
Upon arrival at the resort in Candon City

Eli, OC, Paul Kit, Karla
The Host's Home...

Eli, Paul, Boomie, Me, Bhonny, OC
The Full Monty

Mike, OC, Me, Kit, Paul, Eli, Titan, Boomie, Larry
The Hunks, Masculados, and Barakos Convention

Dude, Where's My Car?
Fooling Around in Vigan

Microscope, please?
You always need a shot at this place...

Shopping and Strolling
Vigan Vagrants

The Gang, still...
Hindi rin kami camera-shy...

The Gang with the Vice Mayor and Family
Not your usual class picture...

Need I say more?



Trivia: I will make this a trivia about our trip... Upon going home Sunday, we stopped over to have dinner at Hacienda Luisita. We decided to stop by Max's to have a fried chicken dinner. However, to our surprise, Max's ran out of Chicken! So much for a House that Fried Chicken Built! Then, Alanis' song "Ironic" just played in my head...


Traveller said...

Haha! Mr. Jervinjove, mukhang nadelay flight ng mga pics mo a! Pero kakatuwang makita yung mga to ngayon. Putsa! Kelan next gimmik? Hehe. Pero mukhang di na ata makakasama yung isang usual suspect natin ngayon. Lalo na pag makitang paakbay akbay na lang siya sa mga out of towners natin!

Jurb said...

OO nga eh! a year and two months delay! hahaha... Pero ayos di ba? ako nung makita tuwang tuwa eh... nakakamiss nga... May planong gawin natin yan muli pero KKB na... Pero sagot pa rin daw ni Paul ang lugar... Kung sa outing naman, may pinaplano si Ralf na mag-Sariaya, Quezon daw tayo... Ang sinabi kong date, around October 1 and 2. Ayos ba yun? Sabi ko, puwede rin Iba, Zambales... Di ba malapit lang?

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