Monday, January 05, 2009

The Year That Was

We bid goodbye to 2008 and say hello to Lucky '09! I do hope we get lucky this year. We need all the luck we can get after the most recent economic crisis that struck the whole world. Looking back at the year that was, below are my personal list of most memorable people and events that struck 2008 (in no particular order):


1. Jun Lozada - The whistleblower in the ZTE Broadband scandal. One of the most controversial persons of the year. His shot at heroism and nationalism fell short of support simply because the people supporting him are not that trustworthy and the people have already grown apathetic of the administration's controversies. Poor fellow.

2. Eliseo de la Paz - Was it really to buy a watch or military equipment, or as pocket money for hospitalization? What is the real reason behind former general Eliseo de la Paz's bringing in P7 million worth of euros into Russia?

3. Benjamin Abalos - "Romy, may 200 ka dito." This was the famous line uttered by the former COMELEC Commissioner, as mentioned by the former NEDA Director General, now SSS President. With him at the helm of the supposedly most impartial, most integral independent government commission in the land, I couldn't question the COMELEC's image. Gwark.

4. Barrack Obama - First African-American President. Symbol of hope not just for the American people, but also for the minorities around the world.

5. Manny Pacquiao - He has shown that he is the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world! Enough said.

6. Ateneo Blue Eagles - I may be biased here but of course I can never forget how the Blue Eagles deafeated their arch-rivals in a historic 2-game sweep to finish a 6-year drought of the highly coveted UAAP Men's Basketball Championships!

7. Rudy Fernandez - This year, we lost yet another icon in the Philippine cinema industry. Da Boy, as he is often called, finally was given a long distance call from heaven, after being succumbed to Peri-ampulary Cancer, of which he fought for two years.

8. Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera - The hottest on-screen couple in the country today. 2008 is definintely their year. Thanks to Marimar and Dyesebel, they finally made a big mark in the Philippine entertainment industry.

9. Juan Ponce Enrile - After decades in the Senate, the "beloved" Senator who became regretful of his act in the EDSA People Power I revolt finally became the country's top Senator, after the incumbent Senate President Manny Villar resigned due to the "inserting" controversy.

10. Jocjoc Bolante - 140/acting. I did not know that this blood pressure is hypertensive because he did not look like it. And for one, at my age, this is now my blood pressure, and I don't feel a thing. And he's telling us that he is sick!? And what's with not wearing teeth in a Senate hearing?


1. Manny Pacquiao's TKO victories over David Diaz and Oscar de la Hoya - Enough said. To all Filipinos who questioned the greatness of the Greatest Filipino pound-for-pound fighter in the world, this win is for all of you. To all those who bet against Pacquaio and lost thousands of pesos, you deserve it. Next time you see Manny Pacquiao compete against anyone else, you should never doubt this man's ability to bring the crown. It was shown in these two fights. Ricky Hatton, be afraid. Be very afraid.

2. Barrack Obama's victory for the US Presidency - This is truly an unforgettable event not just this year, but on the years that will pass. For the first time in the history of American politics did they elect a President whose racial brackground is of the minority. Just an added thought: He personifies the true identity of globalization: Born of Kenyan and American parents, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. Kudos to America's Audacity of Hope.

3. ZTE Broadband Deal unfolds - Do I really need to elaborate on this?!?!?! Thanks to the bloated budget of the Broadband deal, project once again took the back seat. It was an excellent plan, but because of extreme greed, the Filipino populace are again the victims.

4. Jocjoc Bolante's Return to the Philippines - The most awaited personality has finally arrived in 2008! And after that, nothing happened. Still, no one was punished for the multi-million fertilizer fund scam that was allegedly used to fund the elections. And the perpetrators? Still out there, talking with the media, playing golf, drinking, philandering, whatever. Thank God there is a hell. If not, then we will never be justified.

5. Claudio Teehankee Jr.'s Pardon - Looks like the New Bilibid Prisons is in dire need of decongesting the cells. With him out of the prison hotel, i mean cell, gone is the tennis court, sala, dining room, music room, and all the other rooms that make his "renewal" and "redemption" look like he was just enjoying his stay in Sofitel. Poor Hultman family, they were not just emotionally injured by the pardon, but was given a series of insults by no less than the "Honorable" Justice Secretary Gonzalez.

6. The Longest Holiday (December 25-January 4) - This year, we experienced the longest holiday in decades! A lot of employers and businessmen may have complained about it, but I'm sure majority of the Filipinos are happy about it. President GMA surely gained a few political capital from declaring January 2 as another holiday.

7. Cory's apology to Erap Estrada for EDSA 2- Joke or no joke, it definitely made a big joke of the country's history. For this, we offer prayers for the former President's early recovery, so that she can go back to being serious and not joke about something ultra serious and relevant.

8. Earthquake in China - The 7.8 magnitude that destroyed various cities in China and thousands of lives are an unforgettable phenomenon that mother nature has cast. This is an obvious sign that we should do something to change the way we treat nature.

9. George Dubya gets the "boot" - a few months before his regime ends, he was given a very warm welcome by an Iraqi mediaman named Muntazer al-Saidi by throwing him his own pair of shoes. Now each shoe is worth more than $10 million. :)

10. The Credit Crunch and Recession - AIG, Merryll Lynch, Ford, Chrysler, GE, Citi. These are just a few of America's biggest, most profitable companies now getting aid from the US government for their involvement in the meltdown of the subprime market. Now, the US has declared recession, the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression in the 20's. I hope Obama appoints someone who can make miracles to turn this crisis around.

Comments please. I might have forgotten and event/person or two. :)

Happy New Year!

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