Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pangandaman vs. Dela Paz

I have no idea why this issue is considered newsworthy. The family of a wealthy businessman gets involved in a fight with a political family, whose patriarch is the Secretary of Agrarian Reform. What is so newsworthy about that? Where is the national interest in this issue? Did it bring social awareness or did it change the lives of the almost 90 million Filipinos?

The only points newsworthy in this controversy are:
1. A Cabinet official and his sons, also public officials in their own provinces, get involved in a golf course melee. And you tell us that we have a set of mature politicians?!

2. We are debunking the statement posed by some basketball trashtalkers: "If you don't want to get hurt, play golf." I thought Tiger Woods' ACL injury is the most surprising phenomenon in golf! Hopefully, we won't see two politicians getting involved in a fist fight because of chess.

Also, I do not see the reason why I talk about this. I shall stop now.

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