Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beware of Philcoa

You really can't trust the streets these days. What happened to my brother yesterday was unfortunate, but I still thank the Lord for nothing bad happened to him.

Last night, my brother went home at around 9pm, along with his groupmate in Statistics. They just got home from UP, where they had their Stat project bookbound so they could submit it today. They got mugged near the overpass in Philcoa.

It was 6:30pm then, as my brother recalled, and the two of them were about to call it a night, with his friend Nelson, about to take the overpass to go to the other side because he lives in Fairview. My brother Jazer is about to ride a jeep going to SM when around 10 men, about 18-23 years of age, harassed them, threatening to kill them if they did not give their bags and cell phones. The men mentioned that it was part of a fraternity ritual, so they should just cooperate. The men took them to Landbank that is beside Flying V, just a few paces away from the overpass. That is where they men took their bags, cell phones, wallets, and hurried away. My brother mentioned that they talked a lot of gibberish about the fraternity, and some other justifying statements, but he could no longer recall them since he was too afraid and somewhat furious to remember. The men fled, leaving the boys penniless.

The two them proceeded to the nearest police station, which is just a few paces from where the mugging occurred, to complain about the incident. The policemen said that the place where the indicent happened is no longer in their jurisdiction so there is no way that they could have seen it. Wow! The place was just within eyesight and that's no longer your jurisdiction?!

The policemen filed the report, but as expected, no action will be done to prevent this from happening again. The police were generous enough to give money to the boys for them to be able to go home.

I have heard similar incidents occur in Philcoa. It has long been a notorious place, where people, particularly students, get mugged everyday. Despite all these reports, no policemen are stationed in this dimly lit area.

I hope that something gets done in this area. A lot of students from Katipunan and Commonwealth often rides there because it serves as a terminal to various places. Probably the two boys are not the only ones victimized by this notorious group last night. I'm just glad nothing bad happened to my brother and his classmate.

As for the men who mugged my brother, if it was really a fraternity ritual or initiation, I hope that they realize that the test of true brotherhood is not on how many people you mugged, or cheated, or assaulted. The test of true manhood and brotherhood is how much you can be of service not just to your fellow brods, but to your family and your community, and not to be a menace to society.

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