Thursday, January 08, 2009

Buon Giorno Revisited - January 7, 2008

Bubbles and I have already tried the Buon Giorno in Tagaytay and instantly fell in love not just with its great view, but of its scrumptious variety of pasta, pizzas, steaks and more. I wrote about our first visit several months back.

This time, we went to Buon Giorno's branch at Shaw Boulevard to celebrate my 27th birthday. Having a different menu to try out, we once again had a fantastic meal.

For our starter, we tried the Spinach Soup.

Both of us being Risotto lovers, we tried another Risotto from their menu. Before, we got the Risotto Pescatore. Now, we went for the meat and tried the Risotto with Italian Sausage (I didn't get the Italian name. :))

Alongside this rice pasta, we decided to try their Lamb Chops.

Did I say that their price was affordable?! :)
My birthday was a blast because of this. And after two tries I'm definitely going back to try the others next time.
Thanks to Bubbles for approving to revisit Buon Giorno. She has always been my number one eating partner. Yeah, I blame her for my weight gain. :)
Thanks to all who remembered to greet me via SMS, E-mail, and various social networking sites. I am truly blessed to have you as my friends.

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ibYang said...

Happy Birthday Jerv! Mukhang belated na ata... Nakahabol parin :)

In answer to your silly question, yes, kahit chihuahua ang aso mo you will still be able to relate :P

Happy New Year my friend!