Wednesday, January 20, 2010

343 Days

Just like what our friends would say, when you go December, you better be ahead, or else, you'll find it hard to look for a good church and a place to party after.

For us, we were lucky to have been able to find our church as early as late 2
009. December is really a busy month! As I have seen, some were already booked 1 1/2 years back! Thank God our preferred date and time are still available on our preferred church.

Our basic criteria:
1. It is located in Metro Manila
2. It is at least a century old
The looooong aisle

The Majestic Church of Remedios
We felt that Our Lady of Remedios was the perfect place for the big day. It is located beside Roxas Boulevard, fronting the famous Manila Bay. It was built in 1588, of which the statue of its patron Nuestra Senora de los Remedios was brought here from Spain. In 1762, the church was used as a stronghold of British forces during their occupation of Manila. In 1863, the church was destroyed by an earthquake, but its was rebuilt by Rev. Francisco Cuadrado, O.S.A.

Our Lady of Remedios, also known as Malate Church is one of our top picks for church due to its historical significance, and our very own emotional attachment with the area. Malate is a gimmick hotspot very near the school where we first met, the University of the Philippines Manila. We have shared ample of laughs, cheers and bottles of beer in that place. A truly memorable place for us both.

One task down, a hundred more to go. With my fiancee miles away, I get to do most of the preparations. But of course with the help of her sisters and my friends, we will make our big day fun and memorable. :)

With the church of choice, theme will definitely be Filipiniana.

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