Monday, January 11, 2010

Election Period Starts January 10, 2010

It's election time again. Just last Sunday, people who are not policemen, nor soldiers are no longer allowed to carry guns outside of home. Yes, even the Ampatuans. Once again, candidates have started to become the new commodities. You will see, hear, and even dream about their ads in all of the tri-media. Ladies and gentlemen, the show has begun. Presidentiables have already started their mudslinging. And life goes on...

We hope to see a cleaner, more credible elections this year with the implementation of the automated elections. I pray that this is no planned sabotage as other doomsayers are predicting. no matter how crooked the system is, it is still a system and we have to abide by it. We have to believe. As the famous movie "The Secret" has been trying to point out, believe what you want to happen and it shall happen. This time, Filipinos' most treasured virtue, faith, is our only way out of this mess.

God bless the Phlippines.

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