Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have a working webcam! Thank God! I have been trying to install a decent webcam since this Tuesday, only to find out that my computer contains a virus that cannot install webcam drivers!

First, I bought a Genius Ilook 310 webcam. Tried installing it more than 300, after the 301st I decided that perhaps the installer was corrupted. Of course, always blame the others, not your own. :) So I decided to return the merchandise to Silicon Valley SM North, the store where I bought the webcam.

The salesman tried installing the webcam driver and it worked in their laptop! Silicon Valley was generous enough to have my webcam replaced, so I chose to buy the ISlim 300. I thought the webcam driver issue was solved by getting another style and driver!
But no. Same problem as the previous, the webcam was not installed. I tried many times (at least 300 times again), but I wasn't successful. I tried going to forums of programming experts to that I could perhaps get some tips on how to install this properly. I tried following at least 4 sites and this is what they gave me: A virus/malware/trojan/worm that blocks internet usage! Plus, a virus that corrupts all executable files! Wow! I needed to reformat my PC just to make this work! And finally, it does! :)

It was the first time I was able to chat with Bubbles. Thank God for technology. Thank God for Skype. If not for all the means of communication, I might be insane by now... I'll try to look for better, cheaper, more accurate ways of communicating with my lady in the States. With 11 months more to go, creativity and resourcefulness will be keys to a successful long distance connection.

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