Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Finally, I was able to witness the dazzling display of hot air balloons of different shapes and sizes taking flight in the 2010 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held at Clark Air Field, Pampanga.

We left Manila at past 3am just to make sure that we witness the preparations and take off of the participating hot air balloons coming from all over the world. We were lucky to have arrived Clark a little past 5am amidst the traffic, and we got to see from outside the gate the sky diver carry the Philippine flag as the Philippine National Anthem played.

Maan gave us free two tickets since their company was one of the major sponsors of the event. Since we were four, we needed to get in the long line to buy two more tickets. We were lucky to have been sold two tickets while in line, and we entered the venue just in time. Teams were already preparing for flight!
Getting Ready for the Flight
As were approached the hanger, the balloons were already inflated, just awaiting final touches before take-off. Our photographer friends fired away, while I, along with my NSLR (Not an SLR) camera, took a few pictures myself. :)

The sight of these balloons taking flight was truly amazing. Balloons that looked like beer, a turtle, the sun, and many others hovered the air shortly after we arrived. Thank God for the lady who sold those tickets. If not for her, we would have witnessed only the paragliders and the stick dancers.

We took a short stroll of the airfield and took a few pictures of the planes and jeeps that were also on exhibit.

Pong Pagong: Weeeeeee!

The Beer Took Off Quite Earlier Than the Rest

I took a picture with a military man who could be a relative for he carries the Candelaria surname.
Taking the time off from work: Me, Grape, Maan, Paola

The early wake-up call was all worth it. And in this Valentine's weekend, our days was just beginning. At around 9am, we left Clark and headed to our next adventure, Anawangin Cove, Zambales. :)

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