Wednesday, February 03, 2010

December-January Celebrants in Sugi, Greenbelt 2

Another late post. :)

One trivia about the Apostol siblings is that they all are born in the months of December and January. Concep is born on the 16th of December, Jamie on the 20th, Ichi on New Year's Day, and the twins, Bubbles and Petite on January 26. It has been a tradition that Concep gives an annual birthday treat, as I have written in a few posts. This year, since Bubbles is set to leave on December 26, the siblings have decided to unify their birthdays and celebrate them altogether in Sugi in Greenbelt 2.

The soft-shell crab, the sushi, and the Wagyu Beef... Good! Watching the Wagyu Beef sizzle in stone was much fun, I almost forgot to eat my share. :) Tagged as the best beef in the universe, the Wagyu's marble-like color indicates the evenly-spread fat and lean meat, making its texture soft and juicy. Whew...

I tried their bento set meal and there is one thing I noticed: Why is the quality of an a la carte Tempura much better than that of the bento's? Well perhaps it's because the bento is a set meal. :) The bento includes Miso Soup, Tofu Steak, Tempura, Crabstick Salad, Beef Teriyaki, Fruits and Veggies, making it a complete meal.

After lunch we had coffee at Conti's, just a few stalls from Sugi. :) I had coffee and Mango Bravo. Bravo!!!

Boss, Ichi, Pet and Bub, thanks for the sumptuous birthday treat!

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