Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Makansutra, Manila Ocean Park

Bubbles and I enjoyed our Christmas dinner in the newly-opened Makansutra Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park. The place was relatively spacious and according to people who've been to Singapore, the place gives you a good feel of the hawkers' store.

The Asian Food Village boasts delicacies from Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong and the Philippines. It even has a few western food, but of course we didn't bother checking it out because we were there for the Asian Food.

Makansutra was recommended by my boss, Leo, who immediately tried it out upon hearing of the place. He immediately treated us to lunch in this place after telling the story, We should try it ourselves, according to him. This served as my occular inspection for my Christmas lunch with Bubbles. :)

So after trying out a few dishes courtesy of Leo, I thought this would be very much enjoyed by Bubbles. Our first try was a failure. Sometime mid-December, we went there at around 9:30, thinking that it is still open. Unfortunately, the place was open until 9pm only. So on December 22 during lunch time to be sure. :)

The place was okay. Spacious as mentioned above. The only complaint I have in my three tries is that air conditioning is not very good. Perhaps it's because of the cooking, but something should be done with the ventilation. If the place was packed, temperature would definitely worsen.

Apart from that, the food was good. Of course I haven't tried authentic Thai and Singaporean food, but I would say I enjoyed the food.

Merry Christmas, Makansutra!
Oyster Cake
Char Kuey Tiao

Pork/Chicken Sate

Bagoong Rice

This place is a must-try. Another addition to Manila's fine food selection.

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