Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MCLC 94: 16 Years Hence

Finally, after 16 years, achieved critical mass for a dinner cum reunion on February 6, 2010. 40% attendance is not bad for an attendance. Of the 34 graduates of Montessori Child Learning Center (now renamed to Maria Montessori School of Quezon City) batch 1994, the lucky 13 were present in this dinner. Below is the attendance (in no particular order):

1. Joseph Navarro
2. Pamela Martinez
3. Cristina Navarro
4. Jonessa Nidua-Go
5. Leima Kabigting-Pascual
6. Medea Belmonte-Herrera
7. Jervin Reyes
8. Diane Kuizon
9. Richard Santillan
10. Lee Aisser Juat
11. Maybelline Dy
12. Joey de los Santos
13. Azyleah Ignacio

It was good to see that we now have different careers and it seems that we were all excelling in each one's chosen fields. Even those that chose the most daunting career of motherhood seemed to be doing great!

Our jobs, professions, careers were diversely spread out. One is now into the legal field, another is into the academe, one is into interior design, into business, the medical field, information technology, personal finance. It's great to see how the foundation of the Montessori education (even if we sometimes deny it) greatly influenced these people's ways of life: at how we do things, and at how we take on life. From this small corner along Visayas Avenue, these former 13-year-olds are now beginning to take on the greater challenges in life, towards total world domination. And of course, they took the time off to sit together, eat good, healthy food, and share a few laughs.

Nomnomnom Happy Food in Tomas Morato was a warm and cozy place fit for the long updating of the 13 not-so-young men and women, who, after 14 years, were once again contained in the same room. This time, there's no Teacher or Principal to scold them despite being extremely noisy and, at times, standing. :) 7 Oleander and 6 Periwinkle pupils attended the event.

Food in Nomnomnom was branded as healthy, except of course for the cheap booze! This is one of the few places that serve hemp seeds in their food! I was fortunate to try their specialty, the Hamp Hemp Pesto Pasta, and also their "Shrooms," mushrooms with hemp. :) We also tried their pizza, fried ravioli and other pastas. Their food was okay; the type that will not make you feel bloated. It gives you just the right fullness.

Malinomnomnom Pizza (chorizo, tinapa, kesong puti, tomatoes)
Chicken Fingers
Nomnomnom's Happy Hemp Pesto Pasta

And now, the pictorials:

The Gorgeous Hunks: (Sitting)Richard, Aisser, (Standing) Joseph, Me, Joey

Pariwinkles in Black: Joseph, Aisser, Diane
Table 3: Pam, Tina, May
Table 2: Richard, Me, Joey, Azy
The Lovely Ladies: May, Medea, Diane, Tina, Pam, Leigh, Jo

Happy Food, Happy Group

Thanks for the 4++ hours of reminiscing, laughter, and life sharing guys! Sa uulitin!


P. said...

nice post jurb! had a great time catching up over hemp seed-laced food! =D

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good job! nice one jurb ;)

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