Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Things We Learned in Eleksyon 2010

10. Highlighting your humble beginnings does not necessarily convert into votes from the masses.

9. Surveys do not reflect the outcome of the elections. Of course not…

8. It is ALMOST possible to re-elect an ousted, convicted plunderer, then, pardoned Ex-President.

7. Big campaign budgets don’t result to favorable results.

6. The counting was real fast! The indelible ink is still visible in my finger and the results are already out!

5. Jamby was right: celebrity endorsers are not necessarily helpful in gathering votes. Wowowee!

4. Abra should be relocated to Mindanao.

3. Every SONA year will now look like the annual FAMAS awards (with Bong and Lani, Tito and Helen, Ralph and Ate Vi, Jinggoy, etc.)

2. Always bring your glasses so you won’t forget to vote for your running mate.

1. Manny Pacquiao will no longer be part of the SONA speech. He is now part of the SONA crowd! Welcome, Congressman Pacquiao!

Here's my bonus learning: Leon Guerrero is still the country's most famous local folklore... He still keeps the Senate seat (for now, given th 80% counting)!!! :)

Thank God for a successful May elections. We also have a lot of things to thank God for in this elections. Thank God for:
1. No brownouts before, during and after the polls
2. Less election violence
3. Less glitches than expected
4. No failure of elections
5. Stock market rebound today!

Now, we have to monitor what happens next. I just pray that my vote was not wasted. Cheers to the presidentiables who conceded earlier today for their statesmanship and courage to face defeat. We hope to see them support the coming administration.

Transition begins immediately...Good luck!

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