Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eleksyon 2010: after 36 hours

It's crunch time for the ballot-counting! We are about to reach 90% of our counting. Hopefully we get the Visayas results soon to minimize the tension. Who will it be? M or B? Basta ang sigurado, ang Bise-Presidente ko may A. :)

Presidentiable Nicanor Perlas says he won't concede. He'll wait until all the ballots are counted. JC de los Reyes took back his acceptance of defeat because he got reports of fraud. May punto sila.

Leon Guerrero is still the hero of the Senate! Hoepfully they won't cross paths with the Pacman of Congress.

The only two newbies in the magic twelve of the Senate Race are Bongbong Marcos and TG Guingona! And they both belong to their respective powerful political clans! Years ago, we got pissed of traditional politicians so the voters shifted to actor-politicians. Then, we got pissed of the lack of competence of the actor-politicians so we shifted back to trapos. Now, we have a Senate roster that is a combination of both! whapak! :)

The political clans are back... The actor-politicians are back... Padaca and Among Ed are out. What's happening??

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