Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jaze's Graduation 2010

I finally had the chance to post this entry! :)

A belated congratulations to my brother for having graduated last April 8, 2010.

When I was in the venue I got to reminisce a few snapshots of my own graduation from high school and realized that it was already 12 years ago! But until now, memories of that old high school life are still as fresh as if it took place a few weeks ago. I can say that of the three levels of education, my high school days were the most formative, the most fun. We'll see if my brother would feel the same. Now, he'll be in a much more competitive, more serious adventure: College. :)

I should have taken more pictures, but no thanks to my low battery, I only took a few shots.

Here's a few shots:

Cheers bro! Congrats! Be Good.

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cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

congrats to your family, jerv! kamukha mo pala dad mo :)