Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Halloween costume(s) 2014

You know that your kid is growing up right when you start arguing with him. :) And one of these instances is this Halloween.

Bubbles and I have decided one day to pick Juancho's costume for Halloween at a nearby Target. We initially thought of characters that Juancho is fond of lately, and we instantly remembered Elmo. He's currently into Elmo these days, thanks in particular to his duet with Adam Sandler for a Song About Elmo. That song and many other Elmo duets help us get through the morning rush without him getting in the way of our morning rituals. Elmo has become our morning babysitter.

Ergo, we decided to pick Elmo as Juancho's costume this year. When we got home, we showed him the costume, and he instantly said on the top of his lungs, a big definitive, NO! I thought maybe we could convince him eventually but then after a few tries, we realized that all attempts to turn Juancho into Elmo will be futile.

We eventually gave up with Elmo and decided to just have a costume-free Halloween for Juancho.

Then came October 31. I suddenly decided to take one more trip to the costume store to find Juancho a costume. Then I found what I think would suit him. I instantly bought it, brought it home for Juancho to try.

Juancho did not take it immediately. Thanks to that star, relented to first wear the vest. Then I coerced him to weat the shirt, then the pants. When he looked at himself in the mirror, I said to myself "well, well, I think I found the one costume for this year's Halloween." He was happy. I was happy. :)

Thus, Juancho's costume is my POTD. He used it on Halloween, and again during the Halloween inspired baby shower for a friend.

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I am also sharing my own Halloween costume.

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