Thursday, November 06, 2014

Busker and friend

I always pass by this jolly musician-ventriloquist during my afternoon walks. Today he may have decided to wake up a bit earlier and get started with his street performance. On my way to work this morning I passed him by, and this time, I decided to go back and take his photo.

I have quite a collection of photos of street performers. I sort of admire their courage to take on a very tough stage, that is the street, where the audience is not expected to listen, nor appreciate your music. I have seen quite a few good buskers, and I have been blown away with some that really have the talent. In his case, from the looks of his open guitar coffin I could see that he has already captured quite a number of pedestrians.

So right there, I did the deed. I dropped a dollar, then afterwards asked if he doesn't mind me taking his photo. He instantly obliged and quipped with a smile, "No worries kid. Nobody will care anyway." Or something to that effect. I then smiled back, took around three photos, thanked him (and he thanked me back for the dollar), then I left.

I think this was also my first attempt at street photography where I actually asked for permission.

Hope he and his friend (the puppet) had a good audience.

Busker and Friend
365-day challenge, Day 59
5 November 2014

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