Thursday, November 06, 2014

First day of night

It was my first working day of "Fall Back" and I realized I was no longer used to going home with dark skies... Thus, I decided to make this my POTD.

After I shot this, some guy from behind me asked "What are you shooting man?" I said "The moon."
Then he said, "That's not how you shoot the moon man." Then the following five minutes was a free tour of his bag of goodies that is a Canon 60D and some high-end lenses (24-70mm, 150-400mm, primes), plus a free lesson on shooting the moon.

It was a short but sweet conversation with a fellow street photographer. But then afterwards I realized that the conversation was actually about his new camera, pricey lenses and great B&W photos. :)

First day of night
365-day challenge, Day 58
4 November 2014

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