Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Decorating Christmas

Happy Black Friday!

As a tradition (of 3 years now?!), I buy a live Christmas tree at Home Depot over Black Friday, alongside finding some good stuff in the hardware store. So at Black Friday night, we take out all the decorations and trimmings and start decorating. And to help with the Christmas mood-setting, we play our all-time favorite Christmas tunes. Thank you, Johnny Mathis, Bonnie M and Gunter Kallman Choir. :)

Now with the little boy all grown up and eager to help out, decorating is much more fun. Juancho took on the task to take all the Christmas balls out of the box and laid them on the carpet so it would be easier for me to pick them up and put on the tree. Yes that is what you call seeing the purpose in what initially seemed like a complete mess.

Christmas Balls
365-day Challenge, Day 82
28 November 2014

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