Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monster Unleashed

When you walk along National Geographic Building in M Street you will never miss this gigantic model of what is believed to be the biggest carnivore in the Cretacious period: the Spinosaurus. Juancho and I decided to do a father-and-son activity by visiting the NatGeo museum and view the exhibit of this enormous discovery. Being in DC surrounded by 10 free Smithsonian museums, I initially though that this museum is a ripoff for charging $11 just to see two exhibits. But then after we went through the two exhibits I sort of appreciated the extra charges as these exhibits bring out new perspectives at history and pre-history.

By the way, the other exhibit is called Food: From farm to fork. It was equally interesting to know where the food on your plate comes from and how it gets there.

Monster Unleashed
365-day challenge, Day 92
8 December 2014

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