Thursday, December 04, 2014


The Parol. The famous Philippine lantern made of paper, cellophane or kapis. The star that lights Filipino homes, symbolizing the coming of the Messiah on Christmas day. We are lucky that Mom-in-law, via a visiting Uncle-in-law, was able to send one over.

Just staring at this blinking beauty gives me a glimpse of the Filipino Christmas that I truly miss. The traditional family dinner: Noche Buena... The noisy relatives as they exchange gifts... The classic party menudo... The lumpiang shanghai... The queso de bola... The kids wearing new (unwashed) clothes from head to toe... The crazy traffic... The caroling with the usual reply "patatawarin" (spare us)... The corporate Christmas party with lavish raffle prizes... The Kris-kringle... The puto-bumbong and suman... The early morning masses... I miss them all.

Can't wait to be able to sing "I'll be home for Christmas" and truly mean it. Soon, very soon. :)

25 Days 'till Christmas!

365-day challenge, Day 84
30 November 2014

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