Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mall Terrorists(?!)

I just get so afraid to walk on the floors of SM North EDSA. This is due to the new type of terrorists that hover the area! Before you get all scared please read on...

I was walking along SM North EDSA one day, just doing the usual stroll, leisurely observing the people, looking at good buys, etc. etc. Then suddenly I was attacked! I was attacked by what I termed as the mall terrorists! They are no other than the pre-need sellers in malls! They disturb the peace and impede personal space just to make a sale!

The deed begins by them approaching you and asking if you have a credit card. If you do and you show it to them, they will entertain you, grab your credit card, and offer you to join a raffle or something. Then, without your knowledge, they will swipe your card to purchase a product you don't fully understand, and obviously you didn't expect to buy. After which, they explain what had just happened. Isn't that terrorism in its highest sense?!?!

One time I just felt like I wanted to act stupid. When I already spotted the pre-need guy about to approach me, I suddenly screamed, shrieked like when a baby is stripped off his candy. :) The guy got scared and just walked away from me. My screaming just saved me from another few minutes of hawking! Yahoo! :)

I understand that the times have been hard and selling those types of products can be very difficult. But that does not give these people the license to terrorize mall-goers by unethically swiping their credit cards for a product sale.

I myself am working for a company that has a pre-need arm. Given that we belong into one financial services industry, alongside banks, mutual fund coimpanies, and stock brokerage firms, we should exercise the highest level of integrity and honesty. Sales and profit should go hand in hand with ethical business practices.

I sure hope these people would stop sowing terror among the regular Filipino people.

Brothers and sisters, beware!!!!!

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cat-chan the karaoke princess said...

Hahaha, hilarious! But yup, very true. Para silang ibong mandaragit na hindi mo maintindihan. Galing mag-spot ng prey ^_^