Thursday, August 27, 2009

San Jacinto: Since 1894

My good friend Titan was back in town two weeks ago, so my high school barkada had another chance to get together and reminisce those good old times. We decided to take Titan to an old familiar Chinese restaurant/pansiteria along Quezon Avenue, San Jacinto.

San Jacinto is located beside the old Delta Theater (I forgot the name of the billiard hall in Delta) near the corner of West Avenue. It is a quaint, comfy restaurant that gives you the old pansiteria feel. It seems like its interior has been that way since its opening in 1894. It is famous for its varieties of pansit, and of course, the traditional Chinese food. Among the favorites was the Shrimp Balls. It was highly recommended by my lady. :)
Must Try: Shrimp Balls

We tried their yang chow rice, Hototay Soup, Mixed Vegetables, and of course their Pancit Canton.

The Pancit lacked the flavor it used to have before. Probably it was because they were about to close down when we ordered. They might have forgotten to put a few more seasonings... Nelo, Mike, Kit, Titan, Eli, Me

The food might have lacked the flavor, but the stories, the bond and the friendship remained full of flavor. Almost 15 years has passed since this group of young men first came across each other's path in that school on a hill. See how time flies, indeed. In this get-together, one of the topics discussed was health. Some of us are already complaining of age-related diseases!!! :)

I hope the get-together happens more often. Thanks for the treat, Captain Planet!

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