Saturday, August 01, 2009

Last Supper #3

My officemates and I watched another entry to the Cinemalaya Cinco, this time at the University of the Philippines Film Center. The entries were showing in the theater for one week. We were fortunate to catch this year's Best Picture, Last Supper No. 3.

Due to many reasons including expected traffic going to the State U, we were'nt able to start the movie. Lucky we were with someone who was able to watch it before, so she told us what we missed. Last Supper No.3 is a true story about an advertising officer, Wilson NaƱawa, and his officemate/buddy Andres Pamatid, who were about to shoot a corned beef TV commercial. They needed Last Supper pictures to be used as background in their dining hall seen. Many have lined for their Last Suppers to be included in the advertisement. They shortlisted the applicants to three finalists, and they have chosen the Last Supper No. 1. When they were about to return the remaining two finalists, Last Supper No.3 got lost.

The film focused on how Wilson and Andres got in so much mess with so petty infraction. The lost Last Supper led them to a series of events, including being summoned by the barangay hall, and even arrested for Estafa and Serious Physical Injuries.

Despite the tandem's misadventures, the film had ultra-hilarious scenes with Wilson's funny antics, plus situations that were so mundane, yet so funny come to think of it. It gave a funny side to the country's erring justice system, and how a simple case can turn into a big big mess.

Cameos by Maricel Soriano, Ricky Davao, Alwyn Uytingco, and Liza Lorena also helped add to the film's series of surprises. Overall, the movie was an enjyable one. Good thing we made it just in time for the important scenes.

Kudos to indie!

After the movie, we had dinner at Chocolate Kiss, a famous fine-dining restaurant inside campus. I ordered the Fish Kiev, and it was a winner. :)

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