Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Rule of Four

They must have been the most photographed people that day. These four, who used to be honor guard John Does in their respective units, became the four most famous military men during the funeral of Former President Cory Aquino. These men withstood pain, hunger, thirst and successfully finished the procession that lasted for more than 7 hours yesterday. Amidst the intermittent rain, stops and go's, and a flurry of coins being thrown at them (a famous Filipino superstition during burials), they made it through. All these sacrifice for that sake of service to the most beloved President of the Republic.
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These four now form part of every historical book that shall tackle the most attended funeral since Ninoy's. The four honor guards were: a) Army Pfc. Antonio Cadiente; b) Airman Second Class Gener Laguindan; c) Navy Petty Officer 3 Edgardo Rodriguez; and d) Police Officer 1 Danilo Maalab.

Last thing I heard in the news is that they are going to be honored with medals and a much-deserved promotion. Cheers to the four who accompanied the former President in her last few hours. Their sacrifice and service will be remembered not just by the thousands who joined them in the march, but of the entire nation who never took their eyes off the TV screens and bid goodbye our beloved Queen of Democracy.

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