Wednesday, August 05, 2009

August 5, 2009 - Paalam, President Cory

Thousands have once again flocked the streets. But this time, not to protest against a tyrant administration, but to pay last tribute to the country's most sincere, most loved President, President Maria Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino. Up to this writing, the funeral convoy has just reached Manila Memorial Park. The procession/convoy started at around 11:00a.m., but due to thousands of people who want to see the President for the last time, the procession took more than 6 hours.

Good thing President Gloria Arroyo declared today a holiday or else traffic would have been worse.

It has been a while since we saw this massive outpouring of support and prayers towards a major political icon. And it was sad to say that we have once again lost one of the symbols of that peaceful revolution heard around the world.
I had my share of attempt to view the Former President for the last time. Unfortunately, though, I was only able to see the church from afar because the line going inside the church spanned from the Cathedral to I don't know where. I didn't attempt to look at the end of the line because it was reached even past through the old Comelec building. I figured I did not have enough time since I was supposed to pick Bubbles up from the airport. :) Ivan and I instead took a few pictures and just observed how people of all walks of life lined up just to see the remains of one of the most influencial Filipinos of all time. People from all age ranges, all social status, have lined up to pay their last respects to their idol, their symbol of freedom, independence, democracy, hope. May the next generation of Filipinos remember how Cory Aquino fought for and saved the Philippines from tyranny and oppression. May she be remembered as the leader who knew nothing much about governing, but had a gargantuan heart to lead a country towards freedom and democracy.
May your light shine upon the Filipino people forever.

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God bless Cory's beautiful soul...