Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: 8-time World Champion (November 14, 2010)

Another fight, another championship. Manny Pacquiao has once again proven that despite his lack of training, he still stands as the best fighter in the Universe by beating a much bigger opponent, Antonio Margarito in what was seen to be the biggest indoor boxing crowd to date that gave Manny his 8th World Title.

People have doubted Manny's readiness for this fight because of lack of focus and lack of training. Still, he proved that he is the best there is, lasting the entire game, giving Margarito two big lumps and a terrible-looking cut, plus a fracture right cheek. Referee should have ended the fight way before round 12, but he and the doctor saw it otherwise and Margarito did not want to give up. The result was an overwhelming scoring disparity, giving Pacquiao the title and breaking his own record of 7 championships.

What was noticeable was Pacquiao's after-game look. He was all beaten up as well, with bruises in the face, a swollen pair of fists, and an aching rib cage. This showed that Margarito also put up a good fight, unlike what we saw of the previously-seen lame Joshua Clottey fight. With that, my utmost respect for Margarito.

What now for Manny Pacquiao? I'd say one more try for Mayweather. If he still chickens out, Manny doesn't need to prove anything anymore. What he needs to do is concentrate on other careers. Or better yet, he should create a stable, develop a breed of young talents, teach them how to reach what he has reached and retire an 8-time champion and count all the savings. If he does a De la Hoya in promotion, he'll make more money than what he's earning now.

Boxing is not forever. By now, at the age of 32, he should start thinking of an exit strategy from a highly successful but very physically draining career of professional boxing. He is this era's greatest fighter and there is not any more opponent who can beat him. Even Floyd Mayweather.

Next fight: I'd say give in to Floyd's whims of a drug test, beat up the guy, give him his first loss of his career, retire a champion, go into business, grow old, write memoirs. A good way to go about a vary illustrious career.

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